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Today's Hot Item

Sweet Island Heat
Item Number: EGL2
Price: $5.99


Item # SW3

Price $3.49

Cool Your Ass Water

Do you know someone who is constantly looking for hotter and hotter things to eat?  Well, as many of us know, really hot foods have the tendency to go in hot and then come out hotter later on!  The solution and perfect gift for any Chilehead…………Cool Your Ass Water!  The perfect collectors item for all the hot sauce collectors out there!  This insulated bottle of filtered water is sure to get lots of laughs when they read the label!  (Don’t worry, it’s regular water, no spice.)  Some people won’t be able to decide between drinking it or pouring it on their butt for some instant relief!  Great addition to any fun gift basket!


Item # KA1

Price $19.99

Mexican Taco Chef

This adorable Mexican Chef holding a Gigantic Taco is sure to liven up any party!  It can be used as an ornament on your Christmas Tree, put him on your desk to cheer you up on those gloomy days, or he’s a great decoration for a Mexican-themed Buffet or to decorate your Chile Pepper Kitchen!  Makes a great gift for the Mexican food lover in your life!  He works really well when putting together gift baskets and you need that something extra special to top it off or order several and use them as stocking stuffers!



El Gringo Loco



Item # SW2

Price $8.99

Dumb Ass Hot Sauce

Do you have that “Smart Ass” friend or relative that always says “Nothing is too hot for me!”?  That person prides themselves in pure palate pain.  Enjoy today by giving that special person Dumb Ass Hot Sauce.  It is SO HOT it is sure to please even the toughest hot sauce customer.  The label is just as funny as the reaction will be when someone tries this hot sauce!  Habanero is said to be the hottest pepper around, but this sauce is hotter than regular Habanero sauces because in addition to Habanero Peppers, this sauce also has Capsicum Extract!  Only a true Chilehead will know what kind of pain that means!  Please proceed with caution!


Item # GR3

Price $8.99

Endorphin Rush
beyond hot sauce

Here’s the rush you’ve wanted to experience!  Release the sensation that only the very special taste of Endorphin RUSH can!  Heightens any food:  first an explosion of flavor, then a wave of heat!  The rush that goes beyond hot!  Folks, this sauce is pain in a bottle!  It gets its heat from Pepper Extract!  Ouch!  This sauce can do some wicked damage!  Please be careful when using this sauce!




Item # EGL1

Price $5.99




Mexican Barbeque Fusion

Our very own recipe from the kitchen of El Gringo Loco!  We start with some good old American BBQ traits like tomato, brown sugar, a touch of vinegar and molasses…..but then we blended the best of the United States and Mexico by adding Smoky Chipotle Peppers, Cilantro, Real Chopped Garlic and a fruit commonly used in Mexico called Tamarind.  Then, to make it the most amazing flavor explosion, we finished it off with Real Honey,

Orange and Pineapple.  Our Barbeque Sauce will amaze you!  Its flavors are Complex, Rich, Thick, Sweet & Spicy!