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Sweet Island Heat
Another incredible sauce from the kitchen of El Gringo Loco!  As soon as this sauce hits your tongue, you’ll be transported to a tropical island on a gourmet vacation!  We start with 6 different fruits, like Mangos, Oranges and Pineapples, then we blend those sweet flavors with Real Ginger, Real Garlic and a touch of Habanero Peppers.  We have created a fusion of the treasures of Jamaica, Mexico and a twist of India!  Wow!  You’ll be screaming “Ya Mon!”

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Fat Free
No Preservatives
Refrigerate After Opening
Shake Well

Ingredients :
Brown sugar, filtered water, orange juice
concentrate, chili sauce (tomato paste,
water, white distilled vinegar, corn syrup,
salt, dehydrated onions, spice, garlic
powder, natural flavors), apple juice
concentrate, pineapple juice concentrate,
corn starch, banana puree, onion, white
grape juice concentrate, ginger puree,
mango concentrate, jerk seasoning (spices,
salt, chili pepper, hydrolyzed soy protein,
dehydrated cilantro, dehydrated red bell
pepper), minced garlic, a blend of ground
spices, salt, curry powder, ground orange
peel, dehydrated cilantro, ground habanero
peppers, ground bay leaves.